Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

About us

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner opened on 1 July 2014. It was created by the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) to be a specialist independent mental health complaints body that is accessible, supportive and responsive. Lynne Coulson Barr is the first Commissioner.

What we do

  • We help people speak up about their concerns by supporting them to make a complaint directly to their public mental health service or to us.
  • We work to address people’s concerns and complaints through informal and formal resolution approaches.
  • We help Victorian public mental health services develop accessible and responsive resolution approaches to deal with concerns and complaints.
  • We receive and analyse reports from public mental health services about the complaints they receive and the outcomes of those complaints.
  • We make recommendations for service and system improvements and use our investigation and compliance powers to drive change.
  • We undertake investigations into any matter relating to Victoria’s public mental health services, as requested by the Minister for Mental Health.
  • We carry out these functions to safeguard people’s rights and improve mental health services.

How we work

  • We uphold the principles in the Act in all our work.
  • We act to safeguard and promote people’s rights and wellbeing.
  • We aim to resolve complaints in ways that support people’s recovery and improve services.
  • We value the experience of consumers, families and carers and work in collaboration with them.
  • We work in collaboration with public mental health services and support them to make positive changes.
  • We believe all experiences can contribute to improving services, and we use what we learn from complaints to help services make positive changes.
  • We work strategically, increasing our reach and impact by working in partnership with others.

Our annual report