Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

The Different Faces of Mental Health

14 April 2016

In support of National Youth Week (8-17 April), we will be working with Victorian public mental health services to pilot our youth art and engagement project, ‘The Different Faces of Mental Health’. Young consumers will have the opportunity to create a mask symbolising their experience with mental health, and to speak up through a different medium.

National Youth Week celebrates and recognises the contributions of young people across Australia, and is a joint initiative of the Australian, State, Territory and Local Governments. The week gives them the chance to voice their ideas and opinions and take action on issues that affect their lives.

The idea for The Different Faces of Mental Health came from our visits to youth mental health services last year. We saw the important role that art can play in young people’s treatment and recovery, and spoke with a number of young people and staff about our ideas for this project.

Our aim is to encourage young consumers to express their thoughts and feelings through art. By sponsoring this project, we are also aiming to raise awareness of our role and the MHCC’s key messages of speaking up about any concerns young people have about the mental health services they are receiving.

For information about the many National Youth Week events taking place across Victoria, including youth film festivals, music performances and art exhibitions, visit the Australian Government’s Youth Central website.

Different Faces of Mental Health

Creating the Different Faces of Mental Health