Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Our Master of Psychiatry Capstone presentation

27 September 2016

On 14 September, Commissioner Lynne Coulson Barr, Deputy Commissioner Bee Mitchell-Dawson and Principal Advisor, Strategic Projects and Engagement, Anthony Stratford, delivered an interactive and engaging presentation to third year registrars studying the Master of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne.

The presentation focussed on the role of the MHCC in safeguarding rights and upholding the mental health principles, and explored effective approaches to resolving complaints.

Commissioner Coulson Barr said our involvement in the program provided an opportunity for us to inform registrars practising psychiatry, including within the public mental health system.

‘Engaging these registrars was an important way for us to help ensure the rights of consumers, carers and families are upheld, and that the principles of the Mental Health Act 2014 are embedded in all aspects of service delivery,' Commissioner Coulson Barr said.

We continue to look for opportunities to build the capacity of service staff to develop effective way of recognising to and recording complaints.

N.B. Anthony Stratford is on secondment to the MHCC from Mind Australia. He developed and delivers the core module on recovery for the Master of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne.