Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Strategic directions 2015-19: Feedback invited

14 October 2015

Following extensive consultation with consumers, families, carers, services and other stakeholders during our establishment phase, and ongoing feedback throughout our first year, we have now developed our strategic directions.

These directions set our goals for the next four years and the broad strategies that will help us achieve them. The strategies respond directly to feedback raised by consumers, families, carers, services and other stakeholders during our consultations.

Consumers, families and carers commonly spoke of the fear and barriers to making a complaint and felt their right to make a complaint was not always respected or supported. They wanted the MHCC to be accessible, supportive and responsive to their needs; to support them in their efforts to raise and resolve complaints directly with services, or to work with services to resolve complaints collaboratively. They wanted to be heard and respected in their interactions with us and with services, and feel confident that their concerns would be taken seriously.

To achieve this, they wanted us to build their capacity to raise concerns, and build the capacity of services to respond effectively to complaints. Importantly, they wanted us to use individual experiences to drive service and system-wide improvements, so all would benefit. Services and other stakeholders also identified the importance of such approaches, and the value of working collaboratively on these common goals. These interests are reflected in our strategic directions.

We want this document to be a living document that changes as we learn and grow and respond to the needs of consumers, families, carers and services. Please send any feedback you have about our strategic directions or any aspect of our work via email at or call Keir Saltmarsh on 9032 3329.

Strategic Directions (pdf 223kb)

Strategic Directions (rtf 57kb)