Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

MHCC Launch Event


Keir Saltmarsh: Welcome to the official opening of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner. My name’s Keir Saltmarsh, I’m the Senior Education and Engagement Officer and I would ask kindly if Alex Kerr, Wurrundjeri descendent would be kind enough to come forward to perform the Welcome to Country on behalf of Aunty Di Kerr, who happens to be his Mum.

Alex Kerr: You know I’d just like to welcome you all here today so [Wurrundjeri language] which means you are most welcome to the home of Wurrundjeri country, and if you look after the country the country will look after you.


Mary Wooldridge: So about 60,000 people with a mental illness across the state are going to have better mental health services as a result of the work of the Commission and the work of all of you in terms of establishing it. I’m very pleased that we can all be here today for the official launch of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner, that we have someone so capable leading it in Lynne Coulson Barr, and that you know also that you have the support of all of us to realise the very important vision and the role that you have in making a difference in the lives of so many.


Lynne Coulson Barr: I really look forward to working with all of you to work to achieve positive change in Victoria’s mental health system I’m in a really fortunate and privileged position to have this role and to be able carry out this task with a fantastic team.

Keir Saltmarsh: I feel like Moses I need to part the waters to turn our heads for the world premiere of the video.